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About Us

A woman owned business

Our story started in 2006 when Mary Ann Pareti found a building and made it into the salon, Sedona Court.


From there we built our business and clientele. We pride ourselves on the relationships we built with our clients, and strived to make an environment that was welcoming.


To do this, we hired amazing staff that truly wants to know their clients, and have subtly changed over the course of time to remain an up and coming salon.

As we continue to strive towards this goal, a new thought came into mind due to Gina Marie Pareti. This mother daughter combo is full of amazing ideas and support for each other.


From this Gina Marie styling was born. The suites work with the salon, but offer completely different services. However, that same mother daughter combo soon realized, if they were already working together, why not make it official?   

Say hello to Levels of Beauty! The newest part of our story. Gina and Mary Ann have cultivated two strong businesses, now combined into one, that allows every person who comes here to feel special and heard! 

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