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Gina has dedicated so much time and energy into creating a business she cares about. She worked to get her license during high school, and has expanded her knowledge in hair since. Gina can do almost anything hair related,  but her main specialty is her newfound venture: NBR (Natural Beaded Rows), hand-tied hair extensions.


Tuesday and Thursday: 8-5

Friday and Saturday: Available to book for weddings and special events



Mallory is one of our color specialists. She can do all color techniques, which include balayage, high-lighting, root shadow, single processing, and more. Additionally, Mallory is very popular for weekly stylings, and is one of our more sought after stylists  



Rose started working with us 6 months after we first opened the salon, and has become an integral part of it. She can style, high-light, color, and do everything else hair related. Although, she truly specializes in shorter hair styles for both men and women. Not only that, but Rose is letting us know that perms are coming back into style.


Wednesday-Friday: 10-5


Angeles has been in the business for decades. She truly loves to pamper our guests, and adds a touch of class to every hair wash. Angeles is a very put together women, as shown by her desire to wear heels everyday, and wants to provide the best experience for you.


Wednesday: 10-6

Thursday: 10-6

Friday: 10-6

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